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Survey Results & Top 5 Products

I conducted a survey about my top 10 ideas using Google Forms. I asked participants whether or not they would buy the product based on a sketch and a short description, and if they would buy it, how much they would pay for it. Based on these results, I selected my top 5 ideas. The ideas were modified slightly based on feedback from survey participants, and new sketches are included for each idea.

Product 1: Attachable Shoe Grips

WL 2013-12-03 20 13 35.png


Product 2: FlakePhoto Camera

WL 2013-12-03 20 14 01.png


Product 3: Snowshoe To Go

WL 2013-12-03 20 14 10.png


Product 4: Slim Boots

WL 2013-12-03 20 13 53.png

slim boots.png

Product 5: Reflector Boots

WL 2013-12-03 20 13 43.png

reflector boots.png



Product 1: Attachable Shoe Grips

There are a lot of similar products out there to this idea. However, there are none in a lower price range that appear to be able to be worn outside and inside. The majority of products have larger spikes on the bottom that would not be functional on carpet, tile, etc.


Product 2: FlakePhoto Camera

There are no products exactly like this on the market. There are mostly adaptations to other technologies to capture microscopic images, which range from an iPhone attachment to a DSLR lens. To make this most novel, it would probably be best to develop this as an attachment as well as digital software to use with it.


Product 3: Snowshoe To Go

The ides of a collapsible snowshoe seems to be fairly novel. There are not many similar products on the market, and none targeted at students.


Product 4: Slim Boots

The closest product to this idea are five toe shoes. However, these are not developed for winter or snow, so there is definitely a place in the market for Slim Boots.


Product 5: Reflector Boots

There are really no boots on the market that specifically address the issue of nighttime visibility. Adaptations could be made by consumers to current products, but there is an open spot in the market for reflective, high visibility boots.


Patent Search

Product 1: Attachable Shoe Grips

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 10.07.10 PM.png

Product 2: FlakePhoto Camera

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 10.09.47 PM.png

Product 3: Snowshoe To Go

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 10.01.14 PM.png

Product 4: Slim Boots

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 9.58.43 PM.png

Product 5: Reflector Boots

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 9.58.58 PM.png



Product 1: Attachable Shoe Grips

  • Making this product at a lower cost than comparable products already on the market

  • Having an easier to use attachment system that is still durable and reliable

Product 2: FlakePhoto Camera

  • Being able to market an entire camera system to buyers

  • Utilizing current technology and keeping it at a low enough cost to sell

Product 3: Snowshoe To Go

  • Making these sturdy enough to walk on if they also fold in half to store flat

Product 4: Slim Boots

  • Making these warm enough to withstand freezing temperatures if they are thin walled

Product 5: Reflector Boots

  • Finding a large enough market to make a decent profit

Manufacturing Cost Estimates

Product 1: Attachable Shoe Grips
$3 per unit

Product 2: FlakePhoto Camera (Lens)
$70 per unit

Product 3: Snowshoe To Go
$36 per unit

Product 4: Slim Boots
$20 per unit

Product 5: Reflector Boots
$31 per unit


Your entry is very well put together and looks very nice. There are a few things that could make it even better.
For example, it would be better if you showed a little equation or explained how you got the manufacturing cost estimates. You could also explain what the prices are under you pie graph. Are they the price options? Or are they the prices people said? A little clarity would be beneficial.
Overall you did a good job interpreting the research and benchmarking you did. I think you have some good ideas that are valuable product developments. Well done!

First off your images and ideas are portrayed very legibly, which made your ideas easy to understand. I think for several of these products there are many things that exist and are very similar, but the one I think has the most potential as a novel product is the sandpaper like shoe/boot cover.

I have seen many shoecovers that use metal or plastic studs as the grips, but the idea of having a super grippy sandpaper-like surface could be useful. I am thinking something that could be interesting is a thin rubber sole with sandpaper grip on the bottom that slips over boots and shoes quickly. Based on your 2x2 grid it seems like a convenient, cheap alternative would be best so think about how you could make this very inexpensively. It might even be a disposable cover that could be replaced as they wear out. Because how often are you really going to need these? Food for thought! Best of luck.

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