Idea Selection & Pitch

Pugh Chart
I ended up using 6 categories to evaluate my final 5 product ideas. These were: novel; feasible; marketable; Can I communicate the idea clearly?; Is there a clear need?; and How unique is the idea? I used the slim boots idea as the baseline product, and gave each idea a rating of plus, standard, or negative for each category. The idea that I chose to pitch was the reflector boots.

WL 2013-12-07 11 27 25.png

Final Product
Reflector Boots
WL 2013-12-03 20 13 43.png

I brainstormed all of the qualities of these boots, thinking about my target market, to come up with a good product name for this idea. I settled on the name VisiBoots.

Elevator Pitch


Hey there, great product you've got there! I also really liked the name. As for your pitch I thought you did a very good job explaining the product and what it is and what it does in the 30 second time frame. The only thing I would suggest is to just to add a little more excitement to your tone. It's hard to find the balance between sounding like a salesperson and just sounding genuinely excited about the product that you are presenting, but it is definitely do-able.. Otherwise I thought your pitch was great! Good luck tomorrow!

As for your blog I enjoyed your final sketch of your product. Just like your pitch it is very thorough and showcases exactly what your product is.

In your pitch you did a good job explaining what the product is and what it does. It sounded like you were reading off of a piece of paper as you explained your idea. It may sound more genuine if you do it without reading it off the page. If you aren't, then a little more excitement in your tone will help brighten your pitch, as also stated in the previous comment.

The final sketch of your product is very through and informative. It was great seeing your pitch on Tuesday!

It looks like you've developed a great product that can benefit those that need to be visible during these dark winter months! Your pitch did a great job of explaining the problem and selling the product as the solution in a short amount of time.
I agree with the other comments about adding some pauses and enthusiasm to it. You've worked hard all semester to come up with this product its okay to be excited to sell it!
Great sketches, they are very clear and also look like professional product sketches.

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