February 5, 2009

Blog One: Weeks & The Construction of Sexuality

Jeffrey Weeks explains that our society’s understanding of sexuality is formulated as a result of historical processes and cultural discourses. In the articles he authored titled “The Languages of Sex? and “The Invention of Sexuality?, Weeks contends that historical attempts to understand sexuality led to acceptance of heteronormality as “normal? and all other “abnormal? incarnations of sexuality to be repressed. This idea is perpetuated beyond the act of sex in all of our daily lives, having been reinforced since birth by the culture we find ourselves immersed in. The perpetuation is so engrained in peoples as to be done on the subconscious level. This theoretical perspective is also evident in the arguments poised by feminist positions on sexuality. A previous professor of mine humored over an example of this, suggesting the scenario of him walking onto a city bus dressed in the attire of his mother and the queer looks he would receive because of it. All peoples are subject to this social phenomena and appreciate sexuality as they do because of it. The understanding of sexuality is dependent on the historical and cultural perspective of the observer. Sexuality and our cognizance of it is not stagnate. As the future becomes the past and cultures mold and evolve to the present, our understanding of sexuality changes with it.