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Nature and Nurture

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We learned about nature and nurture during the discussion section, and I just wanted to know more about behavioral genetic designs.
There are three categories of behavioral genetic designs, family studies, twin studies, and adoption studies. Among three things, I especially want to know more about adoption studies. In the book says that adoption study is analysis of how traits vary in individuals raised apart from their biological relatives. For example, there is a Korean orphan, and he or she is adopted by an American parent, and then he or she bring up by the American parent. How do you think he or she might be changed his or her trait or characteristic if the orphan would bring up by not biological parent?
I found a research article on the internet about adoption study, and it showed us what factor has the most effect either environmental factor or genetic factor to an adoptive person. So, it gives some examples that if the orphan's biological parent has shyness genetic, then the orphan is also shy. This strengthens the possibility of a genetic link overshadowing family environment (Daniels & Plomin, 1985).
Another example of adoption study is that 'Measures of the study included age of the probands at the time of separation and/ or divorce, self concept (self-esteem) of the probands, social ability, academic ability, behavioral and/or emotional problems, loneliness, and substance use. Of course, the type of adjustment processes that children from biological families went through could be attributed to biology or environment, while adjustment for probands would have had to be linked to environmental processes. The results showed that probands' adjustment to divorce in terms of social ability, self-concept, and academic accomplishments were at least partially genetically influenced, but that their psychopathology could be attributed to environmental factors (O'Connor et al., 2000).'
Before I write this, I thought people are more affected by environmental factor than biological factor because, in my case, I know some Korean adoptee, and they are just like an American except for their appearance. However, after I study, an adoptee can be affected by both factors, environmental factor and biological factor.

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