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The main argument this article is trying to make is that the newest Facebook and Instagram trend, "No Make-up Selfies", is extremely offensive to the women it is trying to support. Celebrities and regular women all over the world are posting a photo of themselves without makeup on in order to raise awareness for cancer patients/survivors. This is also supposed to empower the cancer patients, to show them that we are all brave and willing to post our bare faces to make them feel more beautiful. "The problem is, to a woman at the height of a chemotherapy regime who barely recognises the reflection that greets her in the mirror, these images are not unattractive at all." These faces are still more beautiful and attractive than the cancer patient will ever be again in her own eyes.
I think that this article has some excellent points. This is not an act of bravery. The fact that a woman is so terrified to post a photo of herself without make-up on, that she has to attach a disclaimer that she is "doing it to raise awareness for cancer" is very sad to me. I work as a makeup artist when I am not in class, but none of my peers would know that by looking at me, as I choose to leave my face mostly bare on my days off. I fully understand the benefits of make-up, and I feel a million times more attractive with it on, but I am not so ashamed of my appearance that I can't show the world what I look like without it. I would also never make my clients feel like they aren't beautiful without my product on their faces, as my goal is to enhance their beauty, not make them feel like they aren't attractive without it.
I can also see how it would be offensive to the people going through chemo, its almost like saying, "I look like I am sick without make-up on". I know no female is trying to be cruel in any way. Their hearts are in the right place. They are trying to help. But posting a photo of themselves without makeup on is not helping. Trying to raise awareness isn't going to help, because like the article says, who isn't aware of cancer? Posting a link to the celebrities (or regular woman's) favorite donation site in the caption of this "no make-up selfie" might be a more useful way to make this trend benefit others.
If I was going through chemotherapy and I lost my full head of hair and eyelashes, I would be mortified. When I take a photograph and my barely there eyebrows disappear because of the flash, I refuse to let anyone upload the photograph. I think I look terrible and I don't want anyone to see that. If my best friend decided to post a picture to "raise awareness" while I was going through that, I would look at her bare, healthy face and be furious that she thinks it was making me feel any better. This article really made me think about the women who are struggling through treatment, much more than any no-makeup selfie ever has.

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