January 3, 2011

New assignment: Primary Research

primary_cartoon.jpgWe are please to announce a new type of assignment for the Assignment Calculator--Primary Sources Research Project. We created this in close partnership with folks from all around the the Archives and Special Collections.

This was built around work with the "How to do History" class we work with for History majors. We hope to continue to make small modifications throughout the semester as this gets used.

1. Understand what primary sources are and what sources you can use to complete your assignment.
2. Read and understand your assignment. Select a topic of interest.
3. Do background research on your topic.
4. Start searching for primary sources. Create a list of materials to use for your research.
5. Request and access primary materials for your research. Request copies or scans of materials. Collect citation information.
6. Develop an outline for your project. Revise your thesis statement if needed.
7. Conduct additional research to fill in gaps or answer questions as necessary.
8. Revise & rewrite. Finalize citations
9. Proofread, polish and put project in final form

Go to http://tools.lib.umn.edu/ac/ to view the new assignment.

Posted by katep at January 3, 2011 3:43 PM