September 12, 2012

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes...we have just re-launched the Assignment Calculator!

Web Development and Web Presence Management Group (with help from the Teaching and Learning Collaborative and a variety of staff) have been working over the summer to updated the tool. It has features that our old "beta" version had--like the ability for students and instructors to modify assignments or create one from scratch and the ability to get emails. It also has new features like "assignment to-do list" and "My active assignments." It is linked on the "Course Resources" tab.

Available "assignments":

  • Research paper
  • Speech
  • Video Project
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Proposal
  • Primary Sources Research Project
  • Lab Report
  • Poster (in PowerPoint)
  • CLA Math Senior Project

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November 10, 2009

Updates to code coming

Just a heads-up that Minitex is rewriting its Research Project Calculator implementation to bring its teacher
resources into the AC beta, with an eye toward extensibility.

It will be written with on PHP / MySQL foundation to meet the platform requirements of the broadest range of potential installing institutions.

The target for completion is winter 2010.

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July 31, 2009

Lab Report is live

We are pleased to announce the Lab Report assignment is live:

Step 1: Understand your assignment. Attend lab and complete experiment.
Step 2: Describe your materials and methods
Step 3: Analyze and describe your results
Step 4: Conduct library research. Develop your introduction
Step 5: Interpret and synthesize your results in the discussion and conclusion
Step 6: Write your abstract. Develop a title. Revise and rewrite
Step 7: Put lab in final form

Many instructors and staff around campus gave us feedback during the development including the Center for Teaching and Learning, chemistry, biology, veterinary medicine, mechanical engineering, and librarians from around the sciences. Thank you very much! Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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June 11, 2009

Lab Report assignment

experiment.jpg We have drafted a "Lab report" assignment for the beta version of the Assignment Calculator. We will be sharing this with faculty to get feedback and continue to edit. Take a look: Please let me know ( if you have any feedback. We hope to make this part of the Calculator in early August.

p.s. the image is part of the IMAGE collection.

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February 2, 2009

Check out the BETA version

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January 18, 2006

New and improved downloads for the Assignment Calculator!

Matthew Decker of Wayne State University has taken the time to rewrite some of the code for the Assignment Calculator in order to make it easier to install for everyone. We have now replaced the old versions of the AC downloads with Matt's new versions.

The biggest change in Matt's new versions is that he changed the appropriate variables througout the code to specifically pull from GET or POST allowing global variables to be off. This was a common problem caused by the fact that the original AC was written with global variables turned on. Many institutions install PHP without global variables turned on for security reasons. The U of M Libraries was not one of those institutions!

So, a special thanks to Matt Decker for reworking and improving the code for all! Thanks a million Matt!

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August 31, 2004

Improvements to the AC

Thanks to RIT for making some improvements to the code. We've added it to the Open Source distributed on this site.

Here's a message from Jon Jiras explaining more:

"Our web master Patrick Haney ( rewrote the utils.js file
the Univeristy of Minnesota uses for date validation on the assignment
calculator. I think he improved it considerably. Feel free to use it
and/or incorporate it into the general distrubution of the assignement

Instead of complaining to the user that they entered a month or date
with a leading zero, Patrick's script simply removes the leading zero
and continues normally. It allows users to enter leading zeros (or not)
-- whichever they prefer -- without poping up an error message. In
addition, it still does not allow the user to enter invalid months,
dates greater then the number of days in the specified month, or alpha
characters. And it gives much more descriptive error messages whenever
one of these events happens.

Thanks for a great program! It's getting rave reviews here. We'll
probably add the email features soon.

Jon Jiras
Library Software Specialist
Wallace Library
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY 14623

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