November 11, 2005

The All Day Workshop

Give your staff the knowledge and skills to build user-centered web sites for your library.

The all day workshop is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills to successfully conduct usability testing with no scheduling and minimal preparation. During the workshop participants will work in design teams to develop, administer, and analyze their own usability test for an actual web site they're designing.

Upon completion of the workshop participants will have the tools and skills to test for usability on their own sites.

The day-long session begins with a one to two hour introduction (flexible) to user-centered library web site design that can be open to the entire library system. The presentation is intended to educate and inspire the library to use usability evaluation techniques to help make our clientele more successful library researchers.

Following the presentation, web design teams can stay for a hands-on workshop that focuses on the nuts-and-bolts of using the usability test to inform site design. During this time, design teams will create a usability test for a specific web site they are designing, prepare for the administration of the tests, conduct a pilot test, and then analyze the success of their pilots. Upon completion of the workshop teams will not only be equipped to begin immediate usability testing, but they invariably leave with actual design improvements they can immediately implement.


Start/end times:
The workshop is usually 7.5 hours including a 1 hour lunch. This includes the morning introductory presentation.

There are 2 different packets - 1 for those who only come to the morning presentation and another for those who come to the whole day.

Needs include a flipchart, computer and LCD with Internet connection and Powerpoint for the entire day. For the afternoon there should be a flipchart and one computer with net connection per group.

Pilot participants:
The testing pilots will be run in the afternoon. We need one evaluator per design team. Shelving students work great (the less they know about the library and researching the better). Depending on how long the morning introduction goes (which will be determined in advance), the evaluators should be available 1 and 2:30.

Refreshments can be very welcome in the afternoon - especially around 2:30.

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