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Hopefully you've had a chance to pick up the book and either begin thinking about integrating the design process into your own work, or have actually begun. But of you’re anything like me, despite all your good intentions and your commitment to designing even more impactful, successful workshops, life gets crazy, other priorities tug at you, and before you know it you’ve found yourself designing and teaching your workshops the tried-and-true way that you know best.

Okay, sure that is going to happen. What I’m hoping, though, is that by getting this newsletter as an RSS feed or by checking in periodically you’ll get nudged to come back to the instructional design process, pick up some helpful tips here, plus have a place to ask questions, share your experiences, or make comments yourself.

I wish you the best of luck taking your first ride around this design cycle. I hope this newsletter can help!

Keeping up-to-date with this newsletter: If RSS feeds are not your thing, I'd be happy to set-up an email notification for you when an entry is added. Please contact me via email to do so.

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