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Attracting Attention with your Workshop Titles

If you're out there building one-shot stand-alone workshops that no one is coming to - perhaps one of the problems is a workshop title that falls flat and doesn't entice participation. I discuss workshop titles and descriptions in Step 1: Needs Assessment (page 27), but found a really good blog entry by my favorite marketing guru, Robbert Middleton, that I think is worth visiting.

Middleton is actually talking about the title of a program he offers, and not a one-shot workshop - but the idea is the same. His key advice is to make sure your title is benefit-oriented, that it addresses the problem and that it gives your learners what they want. Read the whole entry on "The More Clients Blog."

The idea is to use a great title and description to attract learners to your workshops that wouldn't ordinarily come. Give it a try and see if it makes a difference!

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