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Tips for Instructional Designers

The best train-the-trainer training I've experienced was done by a company called Langevin Learning Services. I hope you'll find their "tips for instructional designers" to be helpful:

Performance-Based Focus
1. Base the content on the learners’ job tasks.
2. Break tasks down into step-by-step “how to? instructions.
3. Minimize “nice-to-know? information.
4. Target content to the experience level of the learners.
5. Design exercises that simulate the job tasks.
6. Design activities that will help learners transfer the skills learned to their job.
7. Design course materials to be job aids.
8. Build principles of adult learning into the course.
9. Structure the course content according to how the job is performed.
10. Spend about 1/3 of the course time on the presentation of content.
11. Allow about 2/3 of the course time for application (i.e. practice) and feedback.
12. Validate the course with a representative sample of the learner population.

Go to the pdf version here.

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