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February 19, 2007

Instructional Design Do's and Don'ts

A library school student recently interviewed me over email about the instructional design process. One of the things she wanted was a short do's and don't list.

Thought I'd share this with you all:

> Identify a client with enough clout to strongly recommend or assign learners to your workshop
> Keep in communication with that client throughout the design process
> Conduct a thorough needs assessment
> Take responsibility for your learners meeting your objectives
> Keep content to a minimum and focus on application and feedback

> Drown your learners in content
> Blow off the needs assessment
> Think if you say something that your learners have learned something. (Saying does not equal teaching.)
> Design an entire workshop by yourself - stretch yourself by collaborating with others.
> Assume just because you designed the workshop that you have to teach it. There may be others who might be better suited to deliver your workshop.
> Assume just because you're good in front of the classroom that you're a good instructional designer. Sometimes being a good performer can get in the way of a good workshop design!

Hope this list helps!