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May 9, 2011

Value of Instructional Designers in Libraries

I've long been a proponent of libraries contracting with or employing skilled instructional designers. We did that here at the U of MN a little over a year ago. Recently, Steven Bell had a chat with our designer and covered some of that in his From the Bell Tower blog. He called it "How an instructional designer can make a difference" and included this great quote from Paul, our designer:

"Instructional designers add value to academic libraries in two ways. First, in collaboration with academic librarians, instructional designers utilize design models to assess, identify, and codify learning outcomes, design and develop projects to satisfy those learning outcomes, and implement and evaluate the completed offerings. Historically academic librarians have not been trained in educational theory therefore instructional designers have become essential partners in the translation of librarians' expertise into intentional and measurable learning experiences."

Take a look at the whole blog entry here.