Mintel Reports

Mintel Reports

I am very happy to announce that our recent Mintel trial was well received, and a very favorable joint contract was worked out with the Twin Cities campus. This means that the Mintel Database should be turned on for this campus sometime between now and the beginning of the next semester. That short trial was timely.... many of these reports have been incorporated into the recent work of marketing students. I look forward to feedback as to how access to Mintel (and the newly acquired MediaMark) has changed the quality of student research and presentations.

Also, if you study these reports, you can see how they can be used for research in other business areas.

If you are planning for your students to do library assignments next semester, keep in mind that these very fine reports are now available.

If you wish to learn more about Mintel, you can do so at this site:

If you have questions or comments, please give me a call.


Here is the follow up to my previous message. Mintel Reports are now available on our list of Indexes and Datbases. These Reports can be vital to a variety of Marketing research projects:

NOTE: Data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet. Only available to students, faculty, and staff currently affiliated with UMD. All users must agree to conditions of use and create their own profile.

Subject: Mintel -- Full Text Marketing Reports.

Provides over 600 full-text market and consumer research reports. International in scope, but with emphasis on the United States and Europe. Covers the following sectors: automotive beauty, personal goods, and toiletries clothing, footwear, and accessories consumer lifestyles, marketing, and promotion drink and tobacco, electrical goods food and food service, health and well-being holidays and travel, household and home leisure time, lifestages, media, books, and stationery personal finances,
retail technology and telecommunication Most of the reports cover market drivers, market share, size, structure, segmentation, trends, consumer expenditure and spending patterns, psychographics, forecasts, and company and brand profiles. Some of the reports include Simmons and ACNielsen data. The "Database" section provides rankings, market share, and other lists.

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