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Source OECD


Attached are brochures about our SourceOECD database. I believe this excellent database is underused as many people are unaware of it. The brief description below will give you a sense of what it can do for you. The brochures will provide even more information.

Download Brochure 1 | Brochure 2

Source OECD is the online library of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

It comprises 20 book collections by theme, containing all of OECD's monographs and reports; 24 periodicals; a reference title; and the OECD statistical databases. Notes: The Source OECDdatabase has three parts: BOOKS, PERIODICALS and STATISTICS.

Each part has a pull down menu listing the components of that part. Here are some highlights:

BOOKS- here you will find over 1,500 entire books in pdf format such as Emerging Economies, Transition Economies, Territorial Economies, Industry, Services and Trade. Searchable by title or keyword.

PERIODICALS- here you will find full text electronic issues of titles such as OECD Main Economic Indicators, OECD Economic Outlook, OECD Economic Surveys and Financial Market Trends. Searchable by title or keyword. You may also access these journals through the E-journals locator.

STATISTICS-here you will find numerical data such as Structural Statistics for Industry and Services, National Accounts Database, Monthly Statistics of International Trade, International Direct Investment Statistics. User may export data in Excel.

Source OECD supports the international aspects of our LSBE Curriculum. If you have questions or comments, please give me a call at 6157.


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