Ulrich's Periodicals Directory Online

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory Online


I am happy to announce that we now have electronic access to "Ulrich's Periodicals Directory Online."


Ulrichs Periodical Directory contains nearly a quarter-million serial records, including: academic and scholarly publications, consumer magazines, electronic publications, monographic series, newsletters, newspapers, trade publications,
'zines, and many other types of serial publications. Contact information, circulation statistics, and advertising rates are also provided.

It is useful for a number of purposes. Finding periodicals related to a particular trade, industry or discipline. Also, current advertising costs are listed and that can be useful in marketing research. It can be used in conjunction with the information found in the "MediaMark Reporter."

It is listed on my "Launch Pad" site, and in "Marketing Essentials," and

on the list of business databases located at:


I hope you will find this information useful.


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