NEW DATABASE: Mergent/Moody's Manual Collection


Our Mergent/Moody's Manual Collection was incomplete and took up many, many
shelves of library space. Now we have a complete online version of this set,
via the Internet, and you can search it from your desk top.

Mergent / Moody's Online Manuals Collection provides extensive historical
and current information for public companies worldwide, including history,
chronology, acquisitions, mergers, spinoffs, properties, joint ventures,
subsidiaries, officers and directors, consolidated income and balance
sheets, long term debit, options, and other financial data. The database
includes the following manuals:

* Industrial Manual since 1920
* OTC Industrial Manual since 1970
* OTC Unlisted Manual since 1986
* Bank & Finance Manual since 1928
* Public Utility Manual since 1914
* Transportation Manual since 1909

This database is on the UMD Library list of databases, and it also can be
accessed via this URL:

This is an excellent source for information on public companies, living or
dead, going way, way back.

If you have questions or comments, please give me a call.


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