Freedonia Database No Longer Available

Our Freedonia database is no longer available. It was one of our library
budget cuts made last spring. There was a bit of mis-communication. I
thought we were to have access to it until the end of the semester. Instead,
we lost it a couple of weeks ago. I am sorry about this late warning.

The other major database we will lose is our "Business Reference Suite"
database. I am not sure about its ending date, but I will let you know as
soon as I find out.

These two losses are blows to our research capability. However, as all of
our databases are vital or heavily used, we had to choose something. Mintel,
the GMID, and Business & Company Resource Center, and others can cover,
somewhat, for Freedonia. Lexis and B&CRC can cover, somewhat, for Business
Reference Suite. Feel free to contact me if you need information in those

My main concern is the future. These two cuts, bad as they were, left most
aspects of our research capability intact. If we suffer additional cuts in
the future, we may lose unique data for which there is no other coverage.

If you have questions or comments, please email or call.


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