Comparing Companies.


Sometimes when students are doing research, they need to compare the
financials of one company to another. I am about to add the section below
to my new "FAQ" list. I hope it will be of help to people doing company

Comparing Companies

On occasion you may need to compare financial, or other data, of one company
to another. We have three financial databases that offer comparison options.

In our Lexis Nexis Academic database,
when you go into the database, note the blue area on the left column. Click
on the "Companies" option, and then click on the "Dossier Compare Companies"
option. When you do that, you will have to option of comparing five
different companies to each other.

In our Business & Company Resource Center database,
begin by searching for a company, say, Sara Lee. Once you find the right
company via a Company search option, then click on the "Financials" tab. At
this point you will see financial information for Sara Lee, but you will
also have the option of comparing Sara Lee to a selected list of competitors
or up to five companies of your choice. Note the option on the upper part
of the page.

And, in our Mergent Online database,
you click on the "Enter Mergent Online" button. Then you select a company,
say, Sara Lee. And then you can check the small box to the left of the
company name. Directly above the box, several lines up, there is the phrase
"Click here to add the currently selected companies." When you do that, the
selected company goes into the "Company Analysis List" located on the upper
right corner of the web page. You can collect up to 500 companies in this
list. When you click on "(Expand)" you will have the ability to set up your
comparison criteria.

If you need additional help in using these databases to compare companies,
please give me a call. I am happy to answer your questions.


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