Lifestyle Market Analyst and the New SRDS Database


I have some bad news and some very, very, very, good news that is tinged
with a tiny bit of bad news.

the bad news: as some of you know SRDS stopped selling the paper edition
of its Lifestyle Market Analyst

the latest edition we have in our Reference Collection is 2008. The data
in this easy to use printed source is still relevant, and students doing
research are still using it. The loss of this vital reference source
pushed us to find sources that could replace this information

And now the good news: the SRDS people now publish this information in
their SRDS database, which now includes local and national Lifestyle data
in addition to their advertising data, sources and prices. That
information can be described like this:

"Provides media rates and data for the advertising industry, listing
advertising rates, editorial or programming content, circulation and other
basic information for a variety of advertising media, including radio,
television, newspapers, and consumer magazines."

We managed to make a very very good joint deal with the Twin Cities
campus. In our current situation we could not afford this database
directly. I thank our Library Director, Bill Sozansky for his outstanding
ability to make great deals!

The new database is now listed in our Library's list of databases, and
will be soon listed on my Launch Pad. It can be directly accessed here:

And here is the "How to" PDF:

and the TINGE OF BAD NEWS IS: this database is clunky. I recommend
playing with it (a lot) to get comfortable with it.

MORE GOOD NEWS: On the Lifestyle Analyst side of this database there is a
lot more information than in the printed volume. You can look at a DMA
like Duluth-Superior, get an overview of the region, see the map, look at
the information on a county basis... see demographics, lifestyle markers
and psychographics... much more than we had in the printed volume.

If you study what is there, in some respects, this could become a
replacement for our lost MediaMark Reporter. This is very good news,
indeed. The data in this SRDS product seems to be coming from this source:

If you have students working on assignments who need this sort of data,
please pass this information on to them.

Also, if you have any questions or comments, call or email, me.


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