New Lexis-Nexis interface


Our Lexis-Nexis Academic database has changed the look of its initial
interface. It is located here:

Note that other searching options are available under the "Power Search" as
well as the options offered on the blue buttons on the Left Navigation

If you use Lexis, I suggest you play with it to get familiar with the new
arrangement. This new interface is a mixed bag. For example, it is now far
easier to find a company report. The "Accounting" subsection is now less
apparent, hiding in subjects. It easy to find a particular case now, but the
rest of Lexis Legal is to be found in the blue Left Nav.

Lexis's focus groups have told them, that in general, this new interface is
easier for students to use. However, because Lexis is so large, it is
important for frequent users to become acquainted with the layout.

Here are other LN (micro) searches that are available -- See below. You can
place these on your webpages or Moodle. I will be adding these to my Launch


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