ReferenceUSA Mapping!


I have good new for users of our ReferenceUSA database located at:

and on my Business Research Launch Pad page.

ReferenceUSA has turned on their new mapping features, and we are among the
first libraries to see them. They are so new, they do not even have
instructions or promotional materials on them. There are a number of
mapping related enhancements, and I will try to list and explain.

There are a number of ways to interact with the mapping.
For example, do a search on "Bulldog Pizza." When you find our Bulldog
Pizza, note that you can do a radius search. Put in 1 mile, and click on
find similar. You get three hits. Note now that you have a Map option. You
can quickly see where they are located.

Next, do a Custom search, and do a search on "Geography." Check on
"Neighborhood." Then select"Minnesota" then "Duluth', then "Congdon". (WE
CAN NOW SEARCH NEIGHBORHOODS!!!) Now you have the 160 businesses in
Congdon. Now Click on the "Map" option, and you can see the locations.

Now, for even more fun, do a fresh search. Enter the Business section,
select custom, then select geography, Now click on "Map Based Search Beta."
Now open the map. You have a Google Map of the USA. In the search box,
select an area, say, Duluth, MN. Notice now you have menu options to "Draw
Shape," or "Define Radius," or "Boundary Select", or etc. Note that you can
draw or create any shape, and see the results in that shape. This is

And as you look the menus over, you will see other types of mapping options
that can be combined with other ReferenceUSA search fields and search

People here at UMD have asked for, dreamed about, such possibilities,for
many, many years, and NOW THEY ARE HERE!!

If you have questions, email or call.


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