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Library Offers New "Get It!" Service

Library Offers New Get It! Service

Did you know that the library will now pull your books for you? A new service called "Get It!" will provide system-wide paging and direct lending of library materials, starting with the UMD and Twin Cities University Libraries.

Besides the benefit of having materials pulled and held for you at the Circulation desk, Get It! offers the ability to manage renewals through "Your Account" on the UMD Library Web site, enjoy longer loan periods, and renew multiple times as long as items are not recalled by others. Users can choose the most convenient pickup or return campus location for each request. UMD and all of the larger campus libraries on the Twin Cities campus are current options.

You can search the MNCAT all-campus catalog, check the availability of holdings throughout the UM system, and then click "Get It / Recall" to order an available copy or recall one that is checked out. The item will be shipped via courier if coming from another campus location.

For more information, go to, stop at the Circulation desk, or contact Paul Hanson in the UMD Get It!/Recall office, (, 218-726-6566).

Is Interlibrary Loan Still Available?

Yes! You will still need to use ILLiad to request articles and materials that aren't available at UMD or elsewhere in the University of Minnesota system. However, if the item you need is owned by one of the participating UM Libraries, you will find that Get It! is the better service to use.

STAT-USA -- Substitute Sources


As you know, we lost our STAT-USA database on October 1st, as the Department of Commerce ceased its operations. Most, but not all, of that content is available on various federal web pages for free, but it is scattered. STAT-USA brought all that together in one place.

Now a librarian at the University of Central Florida has created a LibGuide to act as a substitute. It is located here:
(Note this is a complex Guide with many tabs and options.)

The information and data linked on this LibGuide are very important for people doing research in economics and international business.

Two of the most requested data sources (at UMD) are:

Country Commercial Guides


International Market Research

(These are GREAT sources for international business research! If you are unfamiliar with them, please take a look.)

I will be linking the LibGuide, and the two above sources, on my "Business Research Launch Pad".

If you have questions or comments, please email, or call.


The New Business Research Launch Pad


As many of you know, I recently "launched" my new Launch Pad.

It is still located at:

There is much work to be done on it.... editing, revisions, meta tags, jump-downs, images and etc, and that will be finished in the months to come. The site is mostly here and mostly functional.

We tried to make the site easier to maintain and more intuitive for the user. The main page now has:

* How This Site Works

* Starting Points "Which source should I use?"

* FAQs for Business Research

* Course Guides for LSBE Assignments

* Your Library at a Glance -- Locations, Policies, Services

And on the left navigational bar, we have grouped the Launch Pad pages by topic or department and not alphabetically as they were before. Marketing related links, for example, are under the Marketing Department option.

I believe the "FAQ for Business Research" is a very significant improvement. This section will be edited and expanded in the months to come, and I welcome any ideas you may have for this or any other part of the Launch Pad.

If you like the old home page for its links, it is still available at:

I am very thankful to LSBE for the technology grant that made this website upgrade possible. My special thanks to Nik Hassan and his people for their advice, expertise and encouragement. I thank my student assistant, Paul Gearring, for his excellent work and eye for detail. And I very much appreciate Doreen Hansen's work on graphics and last minute advice.

Again, I hope LSBE faculty, staff, and students will find this new "Business Resarch Launch Pad" to be useful.


Good News! EconLit is back!


Weeks ago we lost our EconLit database, as our vendor stopped providing it. Today, we have turned on a new version provided by EBSCO, the same company that provides our "Business Source Premier" database.

It is located here:

and on the Library List of Databases and on my Launch Pad.

EconLit, the American Economic Association's electronic database, is the
world's foremost source of references to economic literature. The database
contains more than 1,010,900 records from 1969-present. Abstracts and Indexing only. Citations are linked to our "FindIt" service.

We are paying more for this source now, so I hope EconLit will be heavily used.

If you have questions or comments, please call or email.


STAT-USA will be discontinued...


I am sad to say that our Federal Government will cease offering its database "STAT-USA" on October 1st.

Currently, and until then, STAT-USA is available here:

STAT-USA contains many sources of information, including the famous "NTDB," and important reports like the "Country Commercial Guides."
If you need this sort of international marketing information, I encourage you to work with this database now while we have it.

I understand that many of the reports and data elements currently available in one place at STAT-USA will continue to exist, but will be scattered throughout various agencies. Some maybe available for free, and some may require payment. I also understand, at some point, the Department of Commerce may put together a web page that will point to these various sources. When that becomes available, I will inform you and post the link on my Web Site.

If you have questions, please call or email me.


New Database -- IFS Online


Good News!!

We have managed to convert our paper subscription and CD-ROM subscription of "International Financial Statistics" to their Online version.

It is now called "IFS Online," and it can be accessed here:

It is also linked on the UMD Library database page, and it will be linked on my Launch Pad.

This database is produced by the International Monetary Fund, and will be of interest to Economists and international business.

"International financial statistics (IFS) is the International Monetary Fund's principal statistical publication and has been published in printed form since 1948. Our Online version has a complete backfile, and contains data sets for most Fund members, as well as for Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles, and Switzerland. It provides time series data covering approximately 26,000 economic concepts which show major economic aggregates used in the analysis of economic developments and includes data on the following topics: balance of payments, banking and financial systems, employment, exchange rates, Fund position, government finance, interest rates, international liquidity and banking, national accounts, population, prices, production, and trade."

You can search this at your office or home 24/7.

If you have questions or comments, please call or email.


World Development Indicators


I recently learned that a very important resource," World Development Indicators", which we have in paper and CD-ROM:

is now available ONLINE for FREE:

Now anyone needing this information can access this data at home, day or night.

This data is particularly useful for people in Economics or anyone doing country analysis for international business. The data goes back to 1960 (when available), can be exported to Excel, and graphs can viewed as well.

Soon this link will appear on our UMD Library's List of Databases, and by tomorrow or so, it will be listed on my Launch Pad.

This is a great resource! If you have questions or comments, please call or email.


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