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As you know, we lost our STAT-USA database on October 1st, as the Department of Commerce ceased its operations. Most, but not all, of that content is available on various federal web pages for free, but it is scattered. STAT-USA brought all that together in one place.

Now a librarian at the University of Central Florida has created a LibGuide to act as a substitute. It is located here:
(Note this is a complex Guide with many tabs and options.)

The information and data linked on this LibGuide are very important for people doing research in economics and international business.

Two of the most requested data sources (at UMD) are:

Country Commercial Guides


International Market Research

(These are GREAT sources for international business research! If you are unfamiliar with them, please take a look.)

I will be linking the LibGuide, and the two above sources, on my "Business Research Launch Pad".

If you have questions or comments, please email, or call.


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