STAT-USA will be discontinued...


I am sad to say that our Federal Government will cease offering its database "STAT-USA" on October 1st.

Currently, and until then, STAT-USA is available here:

STAT-USA contains many sources of information, including the famous "NTDB," and important reports like the "Country Commercial Guides."
If you need this sort of international marketing information, I encourage you to work with this database now while we have it.

I understand that many of the reports and data elements currently available in one place at STAT-USA will continue to exist, but will be scattered throughout various agencies. Some maybe available for free, and some may require payment. I also understand, at some point, the Department of Commerce may put together a web page that will point to these various sources. When that becomes available, I will inform you and post the link on my Web Site.

If you have questions, please call or email me.


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