The New Business Research Launch Pad


As many of you know, I recently "launched" my new Launch Pad.

It is still located at:

There is much work to be done on it.... editing, revisions, meta tags, jump-downs, images and etc, and that will be finished in the months to come. The site is mostly here and mostly functional.

We tried to make the site easier to maintain and more intuitive for the user. The main page now has:

* How This Site Works

* Starting Points "Which source should I use?"

* FAQs for Business Research

* Course Guides for LSBE Assignments

* Your Library at a Glance -- Locations, Policies, Services

And on the left navigational bar, we have grouped the Launch Pad pages by topic or department and not alphabetically as they were before. Marketing related links, for example, are under the Marketing Department option.

I believe the "FAQ for Business Research" is a very significant improvement. This section will be edited and expanded in the months to come, and I welcome any ideas you may have for this or any other part of the Launch Pad.

If you like the old home page for its links, it is still available at:

I am very thankful to LSBE for the technology grant that made this website upgrade possible. My special thanks to Nik Hassan and his people for their advice, expertise and encouragement. I thank my student assistant, Paul Gearring, for his excellent work and eye for detail. And I very much appreciate Doreen Hansen's work on graphics and last minute advice.

Again, I hope LSBE faculty, staff, and students will find this new "Business Resarch Launch Pad" to be useful.


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