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In a recent issue of Business Week there is a most interesting article about a very very successful Minnesota-based company, Fastenal:

This is an excellent example of a small start-up doing well. Very well! This is entrepreneurship at its best!!

The Fastenal article brought my attention to a company I had not thought about before. So I did what I always do:

The Wikipedia is usually a great starting point for basics, definitions, links, clues and context, although we do have to be wary of its informal origins.

If you want to know a lot more about a company, particularly in established and recognized sources, you will need to search for information on our UMD Library business databases:

The first step is to look for company reports and overviews. I have become aware that some reports are better known than others, so I encourage you to look at each and understand what they can do for you.

Our major reports & overviews sources are:

Datamonitor via our Business Source Premier database with its famous SWOT Analysis.

Analyst Reports via our MorningStar database with unique focused insight.

Standard & Poor's Reports via our NetAdvantage database

Mergent Pre-Defined Reports via our Mergent Online database

Hoover's In-Dept Reports via our Lexis-Nexis Academic database

Company Histories via our Business & Company Resource Center database

Annual Reports via our Mergent Online database

Investment Reports, like "Valu Engine" via our Business & Company Resource Center database

Moody's Mergent Manuals, with annual summaries back to 1909, via our Mergent/Moody's database.

Value Line, provides long respected analysis, but is not yet online at UMD, access it at: Value Line

Fastenal, like many other B2B companies, does not show up on some of our consumer/marketing databases like GMID PassPort or Mintel. But many B2C company reports are on these databases..

For future reference, please also consult our Company Overview Reports FAQ page.

I hope that you will become more aware of our useful company overview reports by taking time to look at each one.. If you have any questions or comments, please email or call.

Most appreciated!

Thanks !!!

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