SBRnet is now available !!


I have good news! Here at UMD we now have access to a new database called SBRnet.

We have new capability here. SBRnet covers a gap in our searching resources. This database should be particularly valuable for our new Sports Marketing course, however, the information in this database could be useful to anyone doing research on sports business topics, or sports products, or even business economics.

SBRnet provides resources related to the business of sports including industry-developed market research, government statistics, facility reports and news, international market publications, customized research, and directories.

SBRnet's site combines market research from the largest single research supplier to the industry, the National Sporting Goods Association; the U.S. Department of Commerce; various sports governing bodies; and full-text articles from 14 magazines and newsletters published by VNU, the world's largest sporting goods trade publisher, and newsletters provided by leading independent industry experts.

SBRnet can be accessed from our UMD Library Homepage Database section and it is linked in numerous spots on our Business Research Launch Pad.

You may want to access it from this page with its related links:

or, directly, here.

If you have any questions or comments, please give me a call.

Thanks !!!

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