Our ReferenceUSA database has improved!


We have some new enhancements to our ReferenceUSA database... and some are kinda cool.

They have a lot more companies in the database now, and they can do consumer mapping.... of great interest is the new section they have added in many of the records about job openings... you cannot search directly for that content at this time, but there are tricks to help to focus in on it. Right now only the IE and Chrome databases seem to work for that Job openings section.

I am hoping I can convince their company rep to come and visit us in the Fall and give a presentation on this amazing source... a lot of people forget all the various ways it can be used.

Also, for now, this list of videos may be helpful to those of you who want to learn more right now:

And you may want to watch this video too:

If you have questions, please email or call me.

Thanks !!!

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