March 20, 2008

Oracle Calendar with Palm conduit won't sync

Once in a while I'll encounter a PalmOS device that's lost its ability to sync with Oracle Calendar (UMCal). In some cases, the conduits are missing from HotSync. This is how I've fixed it:

Make the sync user an administrator, then log in as that user. Reinstall the UMCal Palm Sync. In my experience, if you don't install it as the sync user (i.e., Run As...), you'll get at least a couple errors which are totally cryptic, undocumented, and misleading.

Now open HotSync, click Applications, and you should see something like this:


For reasons I don't understand, there will be multiple entries for the data types that Oracle uses (two each for calendar, tasks, contacts). You want to use the second name for each of those: Calendar, Tasks, Contacts. Check whichever of those three you need and make sure to uncheck Date Book, To Do List, Address. I also recommend unchecking any of the other unneeded applications further down the list -- it will sync much faster.

Now create a test event in Oracle Calendar and try syncing (initiate the sync from the Palm device). You should see the test event. Repeat for tasks and contacts if necessary.

Finally, don't forget to remove admin rights for the user.