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Pope Launches YouTube Channel, Has Rough Start

The Vatican launched a pope-endorsed You Tube channel last Friday, reports the BBC. This channel will include media currently broadcast upon Vatican television and radio. The channel, in addition to the Vatican website, extends the Vatican's missionary work onto the Internet.

The Vatican, which has not maintained a unified opinion about the Internet in the past, plans to use the channel to reach a broad audience. They want to reach both Catholics and general You Tube users. The channel was launched on the Church's World Day of Communications.

The Vatican has limited the ways users can communicate through their channel. Users can not leave comments on the videos. They are also prohibited from rating or embedding the videos on other websites.

This is to “secure the Pope's presence on the web", said the Vatican's Osservatore Romano newspaper.

This channel is already be losing viewers. The English version of the channel which started with 90,411 unique views in is already down to 31,558 as of Monday, said the London Times The reason for this decrease in view is unclear.