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RIAA Sues Woman Without Computer

The Recording Industry Association of America is suing a woman who said she did not own a computer at the time she was accused of committing the crime, the New Hampshire Union Leader reports. The RIAA accuses the woman of downloading and sharing a total of 216 songs on April 24, 2007. The woman, Mavis Roy of New Hampshire, claims to have not owned a computer on the day in question. The RIAA has filed other cases under similar circumstances, according to Techdirt.
Roy is fighting the allegations. She has hired New Hampshire's Franklin Pierce Law school to represent against the RIAA.
"For many months she thought it was just a scam," her defense said. "She vehemently denied having anything to do with file sharing."(Union Leader)
The RIAA plans to end their lawsuits against Internet users. It will now focus upon convincing Internet service providers to police themselves. The RIAA will pursue cases that are currently in litigation, like Roy's.