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AP Seek Componsation for Hope Poster

The Associated Press is seeking compensation for the use of an image used to create the Barack Obama hope poster, the BBC reports.

Shepard Fairey acknowledged he created the image based upon an original picture taken by Mannie Garcia for the AP. The image has since been placed upon a variety of consumer goods and is now in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.

Paul Colford, AP's director of media relations, said the the use of the image required permission.

"AP safeguards its assets and looks at these events on a case-by-case basis," he said, "We hope for an amicable solution."

Fairey's lawyer, Anthony Falzone, said that the picture is protected under fair-use laws, allowing the public to copy an author's work for the purpose of criticism, parody, or educational use without permission.

Georgetown University law professor Rebecca Tushnet said the Fairey work only copies the characteristics of Obama's face which does not have a copyright.