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Hamas denies Giving U.S. Senator Letter for the President

Hamas denied Friday that it gave a U.S. Senator a letter for President Barack Obama, Reuters reports.

Hamas denies any involvement in the letter Senator John Kerry received Thursday during his trip to the Gaza Strip.

Fawzi Barhoum, a spokesman for the Hamas, denies any such letter being given to Kerry.

"Hamas denies any such thing had happened. No letter was given to John Kerry," said Barhoum. "At the same time we stress that we are open to hold dialogue with any country and our only enemy is the Zionist occupation."

Kerry, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was touring the region and meeting with officials from the United Nations Relief and Works

Kerry received the letter along with a bundle of other materials following the meeting with the UNRWA, which he turned into the consul general in Jerusalem. State Department officialsconsulate alleges the letter is in fact from Hamas, regardless of any denials

The U.S considers Hamas a terrorist organization and maintains no contact with Hamas. According to CNN talks with Hamas have not been ruled out by President Obama as long as the organization Hamas swears off violence and abides by agreements made with previous Palestinian governments.