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Woman gives birth on airplane, Leaves baby in garbage

The wave of a baby's wrist averted tragedy.

New Zealand police announced Wednesday that a 29-year-old woman with assault and abandonment for leaving a newborn baby in an airplane wastebasket, CNN reports.

The woman boarded the plane in Apia, Samoa. She then gave birth to baby Grace and left her in the garbage unbeknownst to anyone on the plane. Airport employees stopped the woman as she was leaving the airport in Aukland, New Zealand when they noticed he blood stained clothes.

A cleaning woman noticed the baby when her hand appeared above the baskets rim.

The child and mother were reunited in hospital, but the child is in the care of social welfare workers, the BBC reports.

Immigration officials and Pacific Blue are investigating how the woman boarded the plane. Woman more than 36 weeks pregnant require medical clearance.

Cultural stigma surrounding childbirth outside of wedlock may have led the mother to abandon the child Su'a William Sio, a Kiwi lawmaker of Samoan descent, said

"This is mostly derived firstly by fear," he told the New Zealand Herald newspaper. "Fear that they've done something wrong and fear of shame of the 'unmarried' mother bringing to the family."

The woman could face up to seven years in prison and up to NZ$100,000.


This just makes me really sad. Even though there may have been social stigma attached surely it doesn't excuse throwing a precious child in the garbage! Come on!

I have 2 kids and they are so special to us that reading this about a helpless little baby just saddens me so much.