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Elko New Market Disband Police Department

The Elko New Market city council voted Thursday to dissolve the city's police department, the Star Tribune reports.

In a 3-2 vote city officials decide to dissolve the city's entire police department in favor of contracting with the Scott County Patrol to save money for city residents, KTSP reports.

The hope is to keep costs low over time Council Member Bob Hanna said.

In bulking up its police department the city also sliding toward a campaign for a nice new police building, the kind that has cost neighboring towns many millions of dollars, Hanna said.

Some city officials did question the responsibility of the decision, showing that contracting with Scott County would cost the city more than keeping the current department.

Little details have been discussed with Scott County Patrol and establishing a contract could take months, Sheriff Kevin Studnicka said.

"Right now we don't have two deputies to free up so those deputies will have to be additional hires," Sheriff Studnicka said.

He also added that the city does not meet the requirements to make a contract with the patrol.

"The fact that three council members went ahead and voted without any plan in place to get rid of the police department, it's just irresponsible," said Ken Sulich, an Elko New Market resident.