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Home Births as safe as Hospital Study Suggest

A Dutch study has found that home births of low-risk pregnancies are as safe as those delivered in a hospital, the BBC reports.

The study, which covered 530,000 women, showed that pregnancies classified as low-risk are just as safe delivered in a home with a mid-wife as those performed in a hospital, when proper support is it place, the Times Online reports.

Dutch researchers began the study when the Netherlands was showed to have one of the highest death rates of newborns.

Some thought that home births may have been a factor, because nearly one third of all women choose to deliver at home.

The study did not compare home births to births delivered in a hospital with a doctor , which will be studied later.

"We found that for low-risk mothers at the start of their labour it is just as safe to deliver at home with a midwife as it is in hospital with a midwife," said Professor Simone Buitendijk of the TNO Institute for Applied Scientific Research.

The study supports plans in the United Kingdom to increase women's choice of birth place.

However for the more home births to occur the United Kingdoms National Health Service has to go through a seismic shift said Louise Silverton, deputy general secretary of the Royal College of Midwives.

"The NHS is simply not set up to meet the potential demand for home births, because we are still in a culture where the vast majority of births are in hospital," Silverton said.