Travel In and Around Bergen

I have just added some links under the Bergen tab on the top of the web page.

The links are to travel and information sites about Bergen. Some of them are more useful then others and none of them give a complete picture of Bergen. Hopefully you can use them as guides and primers for your trip to Bergen.

I suggest the Bergen Travelwiki as good starting point to planning your vacation. It is written by residents and former travelers to Bergen, so it does not include all the tourist trap locations that you often find in other guides.

Of course I will be posting other links as the year goes on. Other sites have great guides to Bergen as well, some of which I may not even know about; so feel free to comment of send me a link you think I should add to the site.

International Calls

The Kaardal-Olson family is a worldwide family, which makes getting in contact with each other a little complicated.

Sure e-mail, instant messaging and Facebook make it easier to get in contact with each other, but let's face it, sometimes you just need to talk to someone in person. With family members in Canada, the U.S.A. and Norway, making a phone call can be an expensive choice to make.

Instead of limiting yourself to a certain amount of talk time, or just giving up on the idea of calling anyone all together, try a few of these free internet services that allow you to speak with anyone internationally for free.

Skype -

Skype is voice over internet program that allows people to talk and video conference online. Skype includes some useful features like instant messaging and voice mail.  The program also allows you to create a contact list, so once you have added a person to your contact list you will not need to remember their account information.

You can connect with me on Skype at wade.kaardal.

Google Talk -

Google talk is similar to Skype and offers many of the same features. What's nice about Googe Talk is that if you already use Gmail your contacts and other information will already be added to Google Talk.

Connect we me on google at

If you do decide to use any of these services, or find another service you think is good let us know. Ask questions, share your user names, and leave comments below.

Where are you from?

The Kaardal-Olson family is a truly global family. Below is a Google Map that anyone can edit. Put a marker on your hometown and tell everyone a little about yourself. When I can find a good place for I'll give the map its own page on the site.

Here's how to edit the map.
1. Click the "View Where in the World? in a larger map" link here or below the map.
2. On the left side of the screen you will see a link that says "Save this to My Maps." Click it.
3. Create an account or sign in with any Google account (Gmail, Youtube, Google Doc, GCal, etc.)
4. Search for your hometown or address. A marker with a bubble will appear over your hometown or house.
5. Click the link in the bubble that says "Save to My Maps"
6. Another bubble will appear. Select "Where in the World?" from the drop down menu and click save.
7. Another bubble will appear. Fill in the boxes with information about yourself and press ok.

If you have any trouble doing this or just don't want to create a Google account, contact me, put your information in a comment below, or fill in your information on the registration page and I will add your information to the map myself.

View Where in the World? in a larger map


Reserving Your Rooms

There is still time to reserve your rooms for the 2010 Kaardal-Olson Family Reunion.

The Reunion will be taking place at the Bildoy Summer Hotel. Here's there URL. I'll include their bible camp URL as well.

You can try to run the sites through Google translate. Unfortunately most of the text is in image files and Google can't translate text in pictures. Regardless, take a look at some of the pictures on the websites. It looks like a great site for a reunion.

Now down to brass tacks.

A group rate is currently being negotiated. I'll post those rates in the costs page under the  about page as soon as they available.

Those wishing to make a reservation should contact Janne Torsvik, the reunions main contact at the Hotel. Email her at with the number of adults, numbers and ages of children, and how many nights you will be staying at the Hotel. Be sure to let her know you are with the Kaardal-Olson family reunion.

You can also contact her by phone at 004756316301 or by fax at 004756316317. (Remember there is a seven hour difference between North America and Norway.)

The Bildoy Summer Hotel would like to have all reservations made before February, 2010 so make your reservations soon.

If you know any other family members who would like to come, please pass this site along.


The Source


Hopefully this website will make it's way around the Kaardal-Olson family. I'll need your help to make that happen. The more people that know about this site the better. If you know anyone who could use information about the upcoming reunion please let them know about this site.

Also, if you have something you want uploaded to the website, let me know. The more information I have to put online, the more useful this site becomes.

So please send this site around to your family members so that everyone can know the latest news. Below is the URL.

Feel free to comment below.