Jay Carney appointed the next White House press secretary

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Jay Carney, the communications director for Vice President Joe Biden, will take over for Robert Gibbs as President Obama's press secretary, the White House announced on Thursday.

Carney previously worked as a journalist for the New York Times for 20 years. His promotion is part of a White House staff reorganization, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Along with Carney two other deputy chiefs of staff have been appointed, including Nancy-Ann DeParle, the administration's former key person on health care legislation, and Alyssa Mastromonaco, who is in charge of the president's schedule and advance operations, the New York Times reported.

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Amelia: I think you are doing a generally good job on the blog. Try as much as possible to put the posts in your own words. There is a value to following the structure of how stories are written. I also like to see you take your own approach to the word selection and order. Do your best. I can see you are working hard. GG

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