Pakistan Supreme Court frees 5 accused of gang rape

The Pakistan Supreme Court on Thursday freed five men accused of gang-raping Mukhtar Mai, the woman who emerged as a symbol of the opressed Pakistan women, on the orders of a village council, reported the New York Times.

The Supreme Court, led by Justice Shakirullah Jan, came to the judgment on the account of perceived flaws in Mai's account of the rape and other discrepancies in statements, which she said during initial investigations, reported the New York Times.

According to the Los Angeles Times, because of the severe social stigma associated with rape in Pakistan, many victims commit suicide or do not even file complaints about incidents.

Mai has won international recognition for going public with her case, which in turn helped to illuminate the discrepancy in the conservative Muslim nation of how disturbingly low conviction rates are with cases of rape and domestic violence, reported the Los Angeles Times.

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