Yale student dies in science lab when lab machine snags her hair

According to the Star Tribune, A Yale University student about to graduate, was killed inside a university chemistry lab when her hair was pulled into a rotating lathe, a type of lab machine, school officials said Wednesday.

The Star Tribune reported that senior physics and astronomy major Michele Dufault, died Tuesday night while working on her senior thesis. Her body was found by other students in the lab, university President Richard Levin said.

The Connecticut medical examiner's office said that Dufault died from accidental asphyxia by neck compression, reported the Star Tribune.

According to the New York Times, students and Yale staff members were devastated by Dufault's death on Wednesday, and in a letter to students Linda Koch Lorimer, a Yale vice president, called her death a "terrible accident", also stating that couselors would be open for grieving students.

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