Haddon's Matrix and Strategies

Haddon's Matrix:
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Haddon's Strategies:

1) Prevent the creation of the hazard in the first place:
If we no longer had modes of transportation aside from walking, we would no longer have travel-associated TBI. We could eliminate automobiles, but TBI still likely occurred in horse and buggy crashes.

2) Reduce the amount of hazard brought into being:
Enforcing laws to reduce speeding, warning about driving during hazardous weather.

3) To prevent the release of a hazard that already exists:
This could be things that increase driver awareness and communication. One example would be the systems to alert a driver when they are falling asleep, or increasing the visibility of hazards on the roadway.

4) Modify Rate/spatial distribution of release of hazard:
Airbags, seat belts, collapse of automobile structures to reduce rate of deceleration in collision.

5) Separate in time or space the hazard and that which is to be protected:
An example of this could be the long nosed cars of the 60's and 70's. The long nose of the car provided increased separation in space between the hazard (energy from the collision) and the occupant of the vehicle

6) Separate the hazard from host by interposition of material:
Airbags, roll cage design of cars.

7) To modify the basic quality of the hazard:
This would be to reduce the speed limits or reduce the speed the vehicle is able to travel. That would modify the basic quality of the hazard.

8) To make that to be protected more resistant to damage from the hazard: This would include good nutritional status, proper amounts of CSF in the skull, increased musculature.

9) Countering the damage that has already been done:
This would include things like a cooling protocol for those people in a coma, as this reduces the amount of ongoing damage that is happening to the brain after the initial insult.

10) Stabilize, repair and rehabilitate:
These include hospital care, medical procedures to repair macroscopic damage, and then rehabilitation to regain lost abilities due to TBI.

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