Most Common Causes and Risk Factors

Motor Vehicle and Impact:

Impact of head against the windshield/ejection from vehicle.
Impact of head against the steering wheel.(Ruan J.S., Prasad P., 1995)
Impact of head against the side window.(Morris A., Ahamedali H., Murray M., Hill J., 1995)

Traumatic Brain Injury, Motor Vehicle Crashes and Related Factors:

Over 50% of those who sustain a brain injury have been intoxicated at the time of injury.(Coma Guide for Care Givers, 2000)

Person's aged 15 to 24 years old are at the highest risk for brain injury. Those under 5 have a moderately high risk of brain injury. TBI risk remains low in the midlife years, but then rises again as a person passes 60 years of age. This pattern is indicative of increased exposure to motor vehicle crashes in young adults and increased falling in the elderly due to their increasing physical fragility. (Kraus J.F., McArthur D.L., 1996)

28% of TBI is caused by motor vehicle crashes. When examining TBI that requires hospitalization, almost half (49%) are caused by motor vehicle crashes.(Sosin D.M., Sniezek J.E., Thurman D.J., 1991)

Motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of TBI and account for the largest cause of death resulting from TBI at 17.3% and 31.8% respectively among all age groups. (What are the leading causes of TBI?, 2010)

Motor vehicles are the leading cause of TBI-related hospitalizations.(Thurman, 2001)

CDC Safety Tips for driving or riding in motor vehicles:

The following tips to avoid TBI in motor vehicle accidents point to some of the common causes and risk factors for injury in car crashes:

  • Always wear a seat belt.
  • Properly secure or buckle children into child safety seats appropriate for their ages and weights every time you travel.
  • Properly secure or buckle children under 12 in the back seat to avoid air bag injuries.
  • Never drive after using alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not ride in a car with a driver who is drug- or alcohol-impaired.
  • Prevent others from driving while impaired with alcohol or drugs. (CDC, 2006)

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