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Community protests neo-nazi event

Both the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune picked up this story for today (Jan. 26). Both pieces focus around the community reaction and outcry against a planned neo-nazi book burning event that was schedualed to take place somewhere in the Twin Cities today.

However, with a focus on ledes for this week, the two reporters chose different ways to tell this story.

The P. Press used a striaght-forward approach that outlined the who, what, why and where in the one-sentance lede. The nut graph then further explains the who and where, while introducing the when.

The Strib, on the other hand, picked a human-interest lede. Their lede uses a Holocaust survivor to lead (ha ha ha) into the who, what, where and when. This is not as hard-hitting as the P. Press's lede, but has the ability to pull the reader into the story.