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Death after Iraq

This story, although some may consider it to not be news because of its personal details, is about a Marine from New Prague who committed suicide after returning home from Iraq. He attempted to check himself into the VA hospital in Minneapolis but was told he was 26 on the list of veterns waiting for admission.

The best part of this article is the subhead, in my opinion, because it reveals that coming home from war isn't happily ever after for many young veterns.

The lede in this story re-emphasizes this point without revealing how the Marine died. It is an example of a feature-style lede because it does not detail the 5 w's and instead chooses to start with an anectdote. This lede works because it foreshadows the tragic end and also leaves the Marine with some dignity by saying he was "a U.S. Marine to the core."

Interestingly, the story was only covered by the Star Tribune.