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Dinos on parade

Well, looks like each Minnesota summer brings more than mosquitos and road construction, based on articles published in both the strib and ppress Tuesday. According to the articles, the Science Museum of Minnesota plans to celebrate its impending 100 birthday with 100 dinosaurs spread throughout the Twin Cities during the summer.

Each article included artist renderings of what the dinos may look like. Much in the vein of the Charlie Brown statues that graced downtown St. Paul for four summers, artists will decorate the dinosaurs.

While the majority of the dinosaurs will stay in St. Paul, 20 will venture across the river and into Minneapolis's parks and sidewalks.

When the summer of dinos is over, each art work will be auctioned off. The proceeds will go to the Science Museum.

Fun Fact: According to the strib article, the statues are modeled after the Rebbachisaurus, which looks kind of like Little Foot from the "Land Before Time" series (very scientific explanation, I know). Each statue will be 4.5 feet tall and almost 9 feet long!