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Missing Wirth Park Statues Found

Two missing statues stolen from Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis turned up Tuesday at a scrap yard in St. Paul, according to the Pioneer Press. The bronze statues were taken from the park Feb. 9. Two men and a woman were charged in connection with the crime on Friday in Carver and Ramsey counties. The scrap yard called the police when two men showed up trying to sell pieces of the missing statues for cash. The article reports that the statues would have garnered the pair about $300 to $400. The statues are estimated to be worth over $8,000 each and will be restored by the Minneapolis Parks Legacy Foundation, which was the original donator of the statues.

This story does not start with a hard news lede. Instead, the reporter chose to start with a description of the delight of stumbling upon the statues when walking through Wirth Park. Then, in the second sentance, the allegations against the three and the "who" of the story are addressed. The story then goes into more detail about the crime and the charges. It separates the Ramsey charges into one fact block and the Carver County charges into another. It also gives a description of the stolen statues and detail about how the alleged thiefs stole the statues from the park. The story then goes into chronological order about how the statues turned up and the response by scrap yard workers. It also gives interesting information near the end about the value of the scrap metal compared to the real value of the statues. The story ends with a projection into the future as to how the statues will be repaired.