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Al-Qaida captures 3 US troops

United States military officials confirmed Monday that an Al-Qaida linked group may be responsible for three missing U.S. soliders, the Associated Press reported Monday morning. On an Islamic extremist website, the group posted a message to US military officials telling them to call off the search for the missing soliders and suggested the abduction was a retaliation for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in the area last year. Five U.S. soliders have been convicted in that case. Over 4,000 troops searched the area about 20 miles south of Baghdad over the weekend and made multiple arrests but have not found the soliders.

Reuters also said that, from the message the terrorist group posted on the website, it appeared that the three solidiers were still alive. They have not been identified yet but were part of a group on patrol when a roadside bomb exploded and killed four US solidiers and an Iraqi soldier acting as a translator.