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Bobcat suspect in camper attack

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials now think a bobcat may be responsible for the attack on a camper in northern Minnesota earlier this week, the Star Tribune reported Friday. The bobcat, the most common yet most elusive of Minnesota's wild cats, is being blamed for a middle-of-the-night mauling that left a college professor with multiple deep scratches on his head and face.

Jon Kenning, 28, is a visiting assistant professor at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, who was leading a group of students on a trip to Itasca State Park when the attack happened. Kenning was sleeping in a tent away from the other students when the attack occured, the Pioneer Press reported Friday, when he awoke to something batting at his head. Local authorities first thought Kenning was attacked by a small black bear but, after studying Kenning's injuries, now believe the marks are those of a confused bobcat and not a curious bear. DNR officials said this is the first bobcat attack in a state park they have heard of.