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Russian police arrest gay activists

Russian police detained gay rights activists Sunday as they tried to present a letter to Moscow's mayor, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported Sunday. Those arrested included some of the 40 European lawmakers who signed the letter appealing the city's ban on a march that would have taken place Sunday to mark the fourteenth anniversary of Russia decriminalizing homosexuality.

Police arrested Russia's gay rights leader Nikolai Alexeyev and about a dozen others during the standoff. Also among those arrested was German parilment member Volker Beck. Gay rights opponents also showed up to the event, protesting the march by throwing eggs and punching the activists.

This article was interesting because it appeared to rely on the first hand experiences of the Associated Press journalist. In fact, it was not until the sixth paragraph that the article noted any attribution at all. The first five paragraphs were not presented in a personal observation manner, but rather laden with information on the incident, including estimates of crowd size and police force. Every quote is pulled indirectly from an interview the source had with another media organization. The only direct attribution seems to be from the Moscow police department. Considering the chaotic nature of the event and the multiple nations the activists came from and returned to, it is understandable that the article would be a little light on direct attribution. However, it is questionable that the reporter relies on and relates only his impressions and estimates until the sixth paragraph of the article.